Murder Mysterdy Triathlon - game

Date: September 2002
Jon Bruck and Cristel de Rouvray

Description: excerpt from invitation

Dear Agent Blue,
Sorry to disturb you in the sanctity of your retreat, but it's that time of year again: when the necessity of solving one of our toughest cases impels us to call upon you... On May 1st 2002, two eminent scientists (Claudia Turing and Marcus Perlman) were reported missing, not having returned from a luncheon bike ride along the Western Coast of France. Their absence was reported that evening by the maid...

Despairing at finding their niece, the Marquis and Marquise de Rouvray are organizing a ceremony in memory of her life and work, a fundraiser to match their donation to her Parisian Academic Center. Claudia was an accomplished athlete, and they have seen fit to organize a triathlon the Brittany coast. Should you accept this mission, you will be sent to the event as one of the competing athletes.

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-- Invitation
-- Schedule, Rules, and Characters
-- Complete list of Personal Clues
-- Clue: Oil
-- Clue: Coroner's Report

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